No.1 Promotion Activation Platform

No.1 platform in Belgium


PromoButler is the biggest and most visited retailplatform in Belgium. The platform shows folders & promotions to more than 3 million visitors each month. PromoButler combines online visibility with a high conversion rate through which your online publication becomes an extra sales channel.


PromoButler generates more than 40% referrals for our customers.


With more than 4 million visitors each month, PromoButler brings online visibility to a whole new level.


Thanks to our deeplinks, we optimize your SEO performances.

Visibility Package
  • Upload on
  • Online folder on
Performance Package
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  • Visibility Package +
  • Online folder on
  • Banners on your own page
  • Google Analytics log-in
Convert Package
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  • Performance Package +
  • Deeplinking folder
  • 150K bannerviews run on site
  • 500 referrals/folder
  • 2x/year Google Analytics reporting & insights
Delight Package
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  • Convert Package +
  • Deeplinking articles
  • Topfolders 6 weeks
  • 250K bannerviews run on site
  • 750 referrals/folder
  • 3x/year Google Analytics reporting & insights
  • Monthly ROI (mail)